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Design & Creative Roadmap, 2016
Self-initiated case study by: David Soo 

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Made in supernatural BC with production values influenced from Japan, wings+horns has rightfully claimed a seat at the table of noteworthy menswear. The concern for details, application of materials, heritage-based design, and supreme fit sets it apart from competitors.

Reference the past

Reference the past to create for the future. This is where we pay homage to the brand’s original rock & roll, gritty aesthetic and move minimalist contemporary one bold step forward.

RC Logo

With style and quality on lock, it’s time to place a spotlight on Reigning Champ’s ability to deliver performance proven athletics.

Respect the Details. Master Simplicity.

We can deliver this brand message through a defined Creative Strategy. The key is 50% stunning creative and 50% data-driven strategy. It’s time to place the brand in its natural habitat and illustrate its performance and lifestyle through the appropriate content.

Let’s build

This was a self-initiated analysis presented to CYC Design Corp to identify opportunities within a creative marketing strategy. The target was to drive brand awareness, acquisition, reach, and sales for the wings + horns and Reigning Champ brands. 

Copy: David Soo
Art Direction, Photography and Video: David Soo
Athlete: David Soo

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